Missions supported by Plain Community Church



Missions are endeavors outside our local congregation to fulfill the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 18-20) by proclaiming the gospel of Christ.  We know that God desires that we are generous, God measures responsible stewardship by our response to the poor and needy, and God wants His kingdom purposes to be our priority.  PCC gladly supports the missions below with prayer and financial resources.

Home for Every Orphan

HFEO is a partnership between ten Ukrainian, Russian and American Christian orphan-care organization; it is a nationally led initiative supporting adoption and foster care by believers within their own countries, and it is a collaborative effort initially focused on Ukraine and Russia, two nations that share over 4 million orphans.

Anita Deyneka, wife of the late Peter Deyneka, Jr., leads the organization after having served in missions for more than 40 years. Anita was raised in Plain, was a member of the Plain Community Church while she lived here, played the piano for worship, and continues to maintain close friendships in our community.

Guatemala's Mama Carmen Ministries    
Located in the heart of Guatemala City, Mama Carmen has lived her mission of rescuing boys and girls that live in a situation of family disintegration, that come from homes where they are abused physically, psychologically & morally.  She has opened her home to these children with the vision of ďforming men and women with moral and spiritual values, that in the future can face adversity in life without fear because they are secure in the faith and confidence in GodĒ.  Mama Carmen also supports singles mothers who have few resources.

Currently Hogar (Home) Mama Carmen cares for nearly 70 children, from ranging in age from newborn up to 18 years old.  Mama Carmen began this faith-based ministry with only her familyís personal resources.  Now, as the numbers of children grow, along with Mama Carmenís visions, the needs of Hogar Mama Carmen are also growing.  Plain Community Church was able to donate the proceeds of a Labor Day Benefit Sale and these proceeds have been used to build a website for Mama Carmen, pay for two computers at the orphanage, and to help meet immediate needs from daily food to school uniforms to new beds. 


Ken Solem, Horse Program, Stonewater Ranch
Ken and Sabrina have been a part of Plain Community Church since moving about three decades ago. They moved to Plain to be a part of Alpine Boys Ranch (ABR) which was a group care facility for at risk teenage boys. They served with ABR for 17 yrs, and while at ABR Ken started and developed a horse program for the boys. While there, God showed him how valuable a tool that horses are in revealing Godís true nature and shaping character in these young men.

Youth Dynamics (YD), who had been working with youth in rural areas for more than 40 years, took over the property they renamed it Stonewater Ranch - their first ever camp.  Ken approached them about starting a horse program and they said, ďIf it will reach students for Christ, letís give it a chanceĒ. One of the things that Ken loves about YD is its desire is to lead youth into a lifelong relationship with Christ and then get them plugged into the local Christ centered church. The Solems are blessed to be serving youth and living in this community among friends and supporters of their ministry. God is at work all over this place!

Youth Dynamics    
Youth Dynamics (YD) is committed to reaching northwest students through dynamic relationships and challenging experiences. YD Adventures offers activities to students and are led by trained and certified leaders who utilize strategically planned adventure-based experiences which lend themselves to teachable moments.

Stonewater Ranch (formerly home to Alpine Boys Ranch, a ministry to at-risk boys for some 30 years) is not only the first ever camp facility for Youth Dynamics, but also serves as the new home base for YD Adventures. Stonewater Ranch is also pursuing a vision of developing a retreat center to be offered for use by the greater body of Christ, especially youth ministries that flow out of the local church.

PCC is pleased to pursue what we believe to be a strategic partnership with such a vital ministry right here in our own valley. We are pleased to be developing relationships with many of the YD staff and their families and look forward to serving with them as we partner to bring the good news of Jesus to northwest students as well as pursuing increasing impact on individuals in the Plain valley.

Moriah Africa    
In 1996, Noah and Gila Garaway pursued Godís call in their life to central Africa where they would serve to bring Godís restoring love in the aftermath of the genocide in Rwanda. The Garaways worked tirelessly to lead international relief efforts and evaluate programs in Rwanda and amongst the refugee camps of Zaire.  Upon her husbands tragic death in 1997, Gila continued her work in the region while learning and responding to the local realities such as injustice, greed, distrust, ignorance, disease and death.

Moriah Africa offers relief to the poor, distressed and underprivileged of Africa. They accomplish this by offering refuge for homeless children, basic skills for training widows, and leadership development opportunities in the context of community centered initiatives. Moriah Africa is committed to children without parents, widows and communities.  We are blessed by our partnership with Gila and awed by Godís grace so present in her life and vision. 

Mark & Terri Judy    http://www.aimint.org/
Mark and Terri Judy serve with Africa Inland Mission (AIM) which supports missionaries and local leadership in 22 African countries in establishing Christ Centered Churches among all African peoples. They serve as the Director of the AIM Africa Based Support located in Nairobi, Kenya.  This support organization provides a variety of logistical activities and services to keep missionaries effective in their remote locations and settings.  AIMAir is a part of this support which operates, flies and maintains a fleet of missionary aircraft with its own missionary pilots and mechanics.  AIMCare also provides Christian clinical psychologists and counselors to support individuals exposed to traumatic or other difficult encounters on the mission field.  They will also oversee procurement services, mail distribution activities, quasi-banking and insurance functions and the Information Technology support for missionary email communications. 

Mark and Terri are called upon to provide effective servant leadership and shepherding skills in the planning, communication, management and implementation of significant growth and organizational change.  Terri will be actively involved in utilizing her gift of hospitality and helping to support the families of the 100+ international missionary and Kenyan staff.